POWELL, Ohio (WCMH) — A trio of cougar cubs injured and orphaned in the California wildfires last year are now living at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

“They really are thriving in this space,” said zookeeper Ellie Shriver.

Shriver said before the cubs arrived in Ohio, one of them named Cal had to undergo surgery in order to address the various burns and injuries he suffered.

The three cubs then underwent rehabilitation together.

However, the facility in California was too small to house them all, which is where the Columbus Zoo comes in.

“Once they come into the rehab facilities, then they need to find a permanent home somewhere and so we were just luck of the draw, we had the ability to help out,” Shriver said.

“So, we spent many, many sleepless nights here with them just making sure and monitoring them and giving them things to do differently,” said Jenn Trevis, a zookeeper with the Columbus Zoo.

Trevis, the cubs’ second zookeeper, said throughout the year, she’s seen them all grow and heal together.

While the cubs may be bigger now, Trevis said they still have a little bit more growing to do.

“They’re just over a year now, and they will continue growing till about two years old, so they have a little bit of a ways to grow,” she said.

The cougar’s habitat is placed within the North American region of the Columbus Zoo.