COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A bison named Hermie at the Columbus Zoo died Monday. He was 12 years old.

In a release, the Zoo states Hermie was humanely euthanized Monday morning after he did not recover after anesthesia. He was anesthetized Monday so Zoo officials could safely move him in a trailer off to The Wilds in Cumberland before a planned transport to another midwest zoo on Tuesday. Hermie was set for the move away from the Columbus Zoo to provide “socialization opportunities within a herd.”

He was born at The Wilds in 2010 and was moved to the Columbus Zoo when he was five months old. A female bison Hermie accompanied often while at the Zoo, Clover, was humanely euthanized in September at the age of 19 due to chronic renal failure.

“Hermie will be dearly missed by our Zoo family, particularly his care team,” wrote the Columbus Zoo in a statement. “They fondly remember how he loved his favorite treats (apples and carrots), spending time rubbing against his street sweeper brush, resting in his sandy area or near a sprinkler on a warm day, coming close to the fence while he enjoyed eating browse, and how he helped guests learn more about the incredible story of bison in North America.”