POWELL, OH (WCMH) — The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has announced the birth of a new baby Siberian musk deer born last month.

The female deer was born on July 19 to parents Lady Stetson (mom) and Stetson (dad).

The animal care team says that the fawn is adorable, bright and alert, according to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page.

Young musk deer are born weighing less than two pounds and their fur is spotted (similar to a white-tailed deer fawn), but the spots will soon give way to an all-over brown coat, according to zoo officials.

Siberian musk deer are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN’s Red List of Threatened Species due to habitat fragmentation and illegal hunting, according to the Facebook post.

The Columbus Zoo is one of only four AZA-accredited facilities that house Siberian musk deer.

A mother musk deer may hide her young for up to two months, so Lady Stetson and her baby are currently behind the scenes while the fawn continues to grow big and strong, according to zoo officials.