COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will now be requiring all visitors to wear masks both indoors and outdoors of their exhibits.

This news comes after Governor Mike DeWine posted a revised mask-mandate for Columbus County and Metro Parks.

President and Ceo of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Tom Stalf says though they didn’t receive a direct order, they consider their park to withhold the same rules as metro parks.

“We did not receive anything specifically from the Governor’s office,” said Stalf.

He says since they’ve re-opened, they have already been complying with the regulations. The only difference this time around is the outdoor restrictions.

“When you were outside you didn’t wear a mask if you could be far away. At least 6 feet away and now the new mandate is saying, you’re going to be wearing a mask in the zoo, throughout the entire trip.”

Additionally, they will be keeping tabs on who walks in and out of their doors, especially with the cold temps creeping up.

“We have our security team that are ensuring that our occupancy stays within the guidelines that we set. We also have time ticketing and how many people will be there at one time.”

The only exception to the mask-mandate are people with medical or developmental conditions.