COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A woman says she ended up in the emergency room with second degree burns all over her face after a chemical peel from a Columbus store.

The scars on Johnnesha Brown’s face are still visible. Brown says popular cosmetics store Ulta Beauty is not telling her what they put on her face.

“I woke up and I had pus coming out my pores on my face,” said Brown. 

Brown said that happened February 17th after she got a chemical peel. She went back and showed a store manager what happened.  

“She returned my money, but, okay. I still have to walk around like this,” said Brown.  

The condition of her skin just got worse.   

“I woke up Tuesday morning. That’s when I woke up with all the scabs on my face , under my eyes, my forehead. I freaked out. I was supposed to go to  the grocery store but I realized how my face looked and I didn’t go to the grocery store. I did go to the ER,” said Brown.  

That’s where brown says doctors told her the horrible news.  

“They were about 1st and 2nd degree burns on my face,” said Brown.  

After several attempts to find out what kind of acid the employee at Ulta Beauty put on her face Brown, she still has no idea. NBC4 also called. The manager confirmed Brown’s story but would not give any further information. They promised a regional manager would call back.   

NBC4 showed Dr. Brian Goodhue pictures of Brown’s burns.  He practices aesthetic medicine.   

“I feel bad. I feel actually horrible for her. I think she had a traumatic experience .  I work in the emergency room. I’ve trained at Ohio Health.  I’ve seen people with complications from chemical peels,” said Dr. Goodhue. 

Dr. Goodhue said a light chemical peel should not result in burns like Brown’s.  

“I think when you get a peel. Especially a strong peel. You should know after care. How long you’re going to be down.  How long you’re going to be red. How long you’re going to be peeling,” said Brown. 

Dr. Goodhue said before you allow anyone to touch your face,  look at the person’s credentials and ratings. 

Dr. Goodhue said he wants to fix Brown’s face for free.