COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A majority of Columbus voters in Tuesday’s election decided to approve $1 billion in capital improvements for the City of Columbus.

Mayor Andrew Ginther says this is only the beginning. Now, his focus will be on neighborhoods and affordable housing.

“The people of Columbus believe in their future and they wanted to help shape the future,” said Ginther.

The issues passed Tuesday will help with infrastructure like sidewalks, streets and sewer lines.

Issue 7 is set to generate more than 200 million dollars over four years and will allow the city to make investments in municipal structures like new police and fire stations and improve existing facilities.

Issue 8 is dealing with an investment in existing and new community centers and parks. 

Issue 9 is funding basic city services and infrastructure projects

Issue 10 is allowing for continued investment in stormwater, water, power, lighting and sanitary systems by the city.

The mayor says Issue 11 is going to help with affordable housing for the first time.

“My top three priorities are neighborhoods neighborhoods neighborhoods and this will help us invest,” said Ginther.