COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This week, the Capital Square Review and Advisory Board voted on several provisions related to the statues that get to stay or go at the Ohio Statehouse.

Statues have become a controversial topic across the nation and that includes in Columbus. In 2020, two Christopher Columbus statues were removed, but one still remains at the Ohio Statehouse.

“Clearly, he was a historical figure, not just for North America but for the entire world, and I think it’s important to recognize he was a flawed and imperfect individual as well,” said Sen. Jay Hottinger, (R) CSRAB Chair.

On Thursday, the CSRAB voted on a new rule that requires a five-year process to removing a permanent statue at the Statehouse. That is the same amount of time it takes for a statue to go up at the Statehouse.

“Everyone doesn’t have a statue, everyone isn’t recognized that way and I think there’s other ways, if they want to preserve that history, there’s other ways to do it,” said Rep. Erica Crawley, (D) Columbus.

One non-controversial vote CSRAB made was a unanimous vote allowing a statue of John Glenn to temporarily be placed at the Ohio Statehouse. The late U.S. Senator and astronaut died in 2016.

“I think that is the type of person, the type of service and the type of recognition someone like him deserves,” said Crawley. “I think when you look at John Glenn and then look at Christopher Columbus it’s night and day.”

The statue will be inside the building starting on March 3 and will remain for one year.

“Whenever you have one of the pioneers in space, pioneers in travel, who’s an Ohio native, an eastern Ohio native, I think that’s something we should celebrate,” said Hottinger.