COLUMBUS (WCMH) — On September 20, 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico as a category 4 storm.

Six months later relief efforts are sadly still desperately needed.

In fact there are roughly 100,000 customers without power on the island. Locally many groups have come together to help with disaster relief and among them artist Jeremy Rosario.

Rosario has called Columbus home since 1992 when he left Puerto Rico to follow his dream of becoming an artist. He attended Columbus College of Art and Design, and established a life here.  However, many of his friends and family members are still in Puerto Rico

“In my mind I had to do something. And the initiative kind of began with an illustration of a father and a child with a positive message if rebuilding. I wanted to put that on social media as a reminder that devastation will happen but how do we respond to it” said Rosario

Through the sale of his illustration Rosario has been able to send hundreds of boxes packed full of food, medical supplies and other relief items to the island.

Now Rosario is planning to trip this May to help rebuild. Funding is being raised by the sale of his new collection called “The Heart Of The Storm” which is on display at the Diamond Cellar on Sawmill Road until March 30. You can also view and purchase the pieces by visiting