COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Division of Police is asking for help identifying some of the people involved in what it describes as an illegal street racing incident.

The incident happened late Saturday night in Clintonville. The division released photos showing a person who appears to be firing a gun and two cars. Police said after officers arrived to break things up, they were shot at.

“It’s dangerous, and when you take the reckless driving and couple it with guns and gunfire, that is a combination and obviously a recipe for disaster that we want to hold those individuals accountable,” Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein said.

Klein said illegal street racing has been happening in all parts of the city. City leaders began discussing more ways to combat the issue about a month ago, according to Klein.

“These street racing and takeover events are dangerous and are done in complete disregard for the safety of others,” Columbus Division of Police Chief Elaine Bryant said in a press release. “We want the message to be clear. You race, you lose. It is that simple. If you race, we will find you and arrest you, and impound your vehicle.”

Last year around this time, the city started what it called Operation Wheels Down. It was an effort to crack down on illegal ATV and dirt bike activity. The approach to stopping street racing will be similar, according to Klein.

“The coordinated approach we took with the division of police and other police departments, the significant penalties we dropped on the offenders, that mindset I think is important that we carry over to the street racing this year,” he said. “If we can catch and identify these folks, we’re going to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. No pleas, no offers, they’re going to eat 100% of the fines, 100% of the violations and suffer 100% of the penalties. Because it is that big of a threat to public safety.”

Anyone with information about Saturday’s incident is asked to call the Felony Assault Unit at 614-645-4141.