COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Columbus Police are searching for a group of children who they said attacked and robbed three women at Schiller Park, on Monday.

According to police, the attack happened around 10:30 p.m.

Ana Leonova said she was walking with two of her friends in the park when they noticed a group of about ten young girls behind them.

The group of kids, whom Leonova said were no older than 15-years-old, then attacked the women.

“At one point they started beating us on our back and screaming bad words,” Leonova said. “At this moment, one of my friends ran away. Me and my other friend, we asked, ‘Why are you doing it? What’s happening?’”

The children escaped with Leonova’s purse, which she said she later recovered. Her cell phone and roughly $60 in cash are still missing.

“Of course, I want them to be caught because I think if you did it once, and you get away with it, you do it again and every time it becomes more and more serious, like professional money making,” said Leonova.

According to Columbus police, there are no other reports of recent robberies in the area.

Officers said that, in light of the attack, they do plan on increasing patrols in the area.

Leonova now has a scratch near her eye and she says her back and elbow are bruised.

While shaken, she does intend to continue walking in the park.

“I will continue to walk in the park,” she said. “I will definitely be more cautious after it [the attack].”