COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The current heatwave can be dangerous for those who are older.

A Columbus non-profit is trying to make sure seniors are safe in the extreme heat.

Lifecare Alliance does this kind of work every year, but this weekend, the work has been especially important.

With hot day after hot day, and more in the forecast, Lifecare is trying to keep seniors as cool and as safe as possible.

As the organization delivers meals, it is also delivering fans.

The July heat is in full effect.

“We’re really roasting here right now,” said resident Lynda Zielinski. “I have air conditioning in the apartment, but it’s not very efficient, so on a really hot day like today, you don’t feel much.”

When Lifecare Alliance showed up at her door Sunday, meals weren’t the only thing delivered.

Lifecare Alliance’s weekend driver supervisor Celia Elkins also came with a fan. It’s part of the non-profit’s annual fan campaign to collect and get fans to seniors to help them deal with the summer heat.

So far this year, about 300 fans have been handed out.

“There’s a lot, a lot of fans going out,” Elkins said.

With the heat expected to stick around, the fans are much needed.

“It’s so hot and there’s a lot of seniors out there that are living in apartments that don’t have air conditioning or the air conditioning doesn’t work or works slow,” Elkins said. “We want to keep them cool and healthy the best we can do.”

Zielinski is thankful every time Lifecare shows up at her door. This time, even moreso.

“The fan is great, it’s really nice,” she said. “At night, if you’re trying to sleep, to have that breeze, kind of close your eyes and pretend you’re on the seashore and get some nice breeze. So yeah, it’s very nice.”

An air quality alert will be in place for central Ohio Monday, and with more heat expected to last through the week, Lifecare will be handing out more fans.

Residents who would like to donate are encouraged to drop off new fans at their local fire departments. For more information, check out Lifecare Alliance’s website.