COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Sanitation is important to help minimize the chance of getting COVID-19. It’s especially important for our first responders who are out on the front lines.

One Grandview Heights Fire Medic created a video that shows the crew how to clean the trucks.

“We do one pass in the morning real quick decontamination of the truck and after any patient encounters and decontamination as well,” explains Stults.

Robert Stults is a FireMedic at Grandview Heights Fire Department. He saw a how-to cleaning video on Facebook posted by a Kansas City Fire Department.

“I thought I could do that too and it would help the department so I made it,” noted Stults. “We spray this down on every surface and it gets into the real small cracks that you really can’t wipe down with a wipe.”

He lets you sit for about ten minutes before it’s wiped off with a towel. He says the tool is a hit within his department because it is so efficient.

“They like it because it saves a lot of time it’s a lot less labor-intensive,” explained Stults.

The Department decided to create a “how-to” video for anyone who may want to make the tool to disinfect as well. They posted it on YouTube and you can watch it here