COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Northland High School’s soccer team will sport a new look while on the field this fall.

The effort is thanks to two friends who are using their passion for fashion to serve the community. The duo launched a new clothing line this week.

They knew the team, going for its third consecutive city league championship, has been sporting and sharing old uniforms. The friends decided to dress the players, who are from at least a dozen countries, for free.

“Some of these kids don’t even speak English, so bringing all these kids together is that soccer ball, right there, this is their family,” said Coach Mahamoud Samantar.

There’s a unique sense of community on display during soccer practice at Northland High School.

“It makes me make new friends, like, improve my social skills teamwork,” said sophomore Aaron Afful.

Afful and sophomore Kevin Osafo both want to be professional soccer players.

“It’s like excitement, you know?” said Osafo.

This week, the team received a special gift: Home and away jerseys for each player.

“When it came to providing them with jerseys, [we] thought that was something that was a prominent need that was expressed to us,” said Dr. Arsenio Gonzalez.

Monday, Gonzalez, who works in medicine, and his business partner Nathan Thornhill, who works in education, launched a clothing brand, Mas Global Headquarters.

“Mas Global is a means to promote global empathy through clothing and community projects,” said Thornhill.

They kicked off the brand by giving jerseys to the team.

“We’ve seen a repeated need to connect communities through creative projects and we encourage people to communicate with communities that they might not otherwise communicate with,” said Thornhill.

Born in the U.S., Osafo’s family is from Ghana.

“The badge, they say they tried to put the countries in it … the texture it feels better than the old ones,” said Osafo.

“We didn’t think it would look as great as it is, meaning because of the old jerseys, you know we had those for a very long time,” said Afful.

“Most of the kids, they requesting a new uniform all the time and when they saw that they were so excited,” said Samantar.

The team is proud to represent their school and their families’ home countries.

“Many of us have so much potential, are really talented, very smart and so much in our future ahead of,” said Afful.

The team will wear the new uniforms during its first match of the year. It’s a pre-season home game taking place Aug. 16 at 7:15 against Bexley.