Monday, we learned of the passing of Stan Lee. The news affected Superhero fans from all around the world.

The owners of Krazzy Comics  have quite the story to tell. Nia and Allen Harrington were married by Stan Lee himself two years ago.

“When you get a bunch of fans together there’s always like, trading of knowledge. And everyone wants to outdo the last person. So someone says, ‘You know Stan is a licensed minister?’ and I’m like, ‘Is he now?'” said Allen Harrington.

So he thought why not ask? Allen and Nia were already engaged and this spur of the moment turned into what Nia calls a “one in a million chance so that is so amazing it’s unreal it’s truly truly awesome.”

The rest is history, the video tells it all and means the world to Mr. and Mrs. Harrington.

“It was definitely special. I mean, I grew up with his work and his writings, and to have someone who influenced me as a child actually marry me that was awesome,” says Allen.

Allen opened the comic book store, Krazzy Comics, one month ago. It’s something he’s always dreamed of. He says he grew up with Stan Lee’s comic books, and credits everything to him.

“I actually have my first book here. And this was actually given to me from a D.A.R.E. officer. He gave out these comics to prevent kids from smoking. The last page where you actually fill in the bubble, it hit me as a kid someone wrote this. And trying to find out who it was, the only name I saw in here was Stan Lee,” said Allen.

And after hearing the news that he passed away on Monday… “It was just very very heartbreaking when I found out like oh no he really passed because he married us so I mean that was something amazing. To really say thank you like oh wow I hope he realized how important he was not only to us but to millions of people,” says Nia.

“I would have never went this route. I would have never got into these characters, probably have the same morals I have because that’s the kind of impact he made on me so I owe everything I owe my whole store to Stan,” says Allen.

Nia and Allen say they will cherish that moment with Stan Lee forever.