COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For the first time in more than a year, all grades of Columbus City Schools students will be in school, in person, for at least a couple days this week.

The transition to blended learning continues Monday.

Grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 are all heading back to the classroom this week, the only CCS grades that haven’t transitioned to blended learning.

Students in these grades have gone more than a year without stepping foot inside their classrooms.

Just like the other grades that have already moved to the two day in-person, three day remote schedule, these grades are split in two cohorts, with cohort A starting Monday.

One Columbus mother has a ninth grader returning Monday. Her sixth-grader returned last week. She is confident that both her children are going to learn better inside the classroom.

“I am so happy for them because I’m pretty sure they miss school, but at the same time, I feel kind of nervous,” she said. “I’m nervous because we’re still in a pandemic but like I said, I’m pretty sure the school is taking all the precautions and I’m sure they’re going to be safe, so I’m happy for them.”

Quincy Howard’s son is a student at Sherwood Middle School. He said the return to in-person learning this week will be good for his sixth grader, who went back last week — with seventh and eighth grades returning, it’ll mean more students in the building.

“It was pretty light for them last week and I know it’s probably going to not be as light going up to it,” he said. “I’m personally happy, but I’m still kind of anxious a little bit because you don’t know how everybody else is.”

“It makes me even more nervous, but I think that overall, it has to happen,” Howard concluded.

Cohort B for those same grades will return to the classroom Thursday.

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