COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Facing seven charges in Federal court including obstruction of justice, witness tampering and making false statements, the arrest of Columbus Police Vice Officer Andrew Mitchell, accused of detaining 2 women and forcing them to have sex with him in exchange for not arresting them on prostitution charges, is causing a ripple effect on the court system. 

“My office will be dismissing all open and active cases that solely involve officer Mitchell,” said Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein. 

Klein said even past convictions involving Mitchell could be dismissed as well. 

Minimally, according to Klein, they’ll be re-examined. 

“If those individuals have evidence that was not known to prosecutors at the time of their conviction as it relates to Mr. Mitchell, please bring that forward and we’ll review those cases on a 1-on-1 basis,” he said. 

And Klein says the Mitchell Dismissals aren’t just vice cases, an undercover unit he’s been on for roughly 2 of his 30-years as a Columbus police officer. 

“We don’t have a time limit on active and pending cases. We’re going to continue to look at them as they come up and review them actively or proactively to make sure that if it’s solely Officer Mitchell involved we’re going to be dismissing the case,” said Klein. 

Though headlines of mass criminal convictions and pending cases being dismissed may sound the alarm for some, Klein says it’s the only way to move ahead given present-day attitudes toward corrupt cops and law enforcement in general.