COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – For the better part of the year, people have been back to living their normal lives, packing into restaurants, going to the gym freely and attending large events.

Now, with COVID cases back on the rise in central Ohio, some people are erring on the side of caution and are planning to avoid the crowds.

Columbus Public Health making the recommendation for people to wear masks indoors has businesses thinking if they are going to have to bring back restrictions that they had in 2020.

Gym’s are one of the places that have the most contact. Sharon Osborne, the general manager at Go Fitness in Grandview, said cleaning has always been a priority for them even before the pandemic.

“We’ve always had the safety of our members first and foremost,” Osborne said. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Osborne said their cleanliness just got stronger and stayed that way two years later.

“We were always clean before but then we also brought out other different types,” Osborne said. “As you can see, the bottles all around we are constantly changing them but we are always staying on top of everyone wiping everything down.”

She said they kept most of their COVID precautions even as restrictions started to ease. They still have squares taped to the floor so gym goers keep their distance and they keep class numbers to a smaller size.

After hearing Franklin County is back at high risk of spreading the virus, Osborne thinks this time around they can continue to build up their strength as a gym rather than limit their workout with restrictions.

“So if we do go into another phase similar to two years ago I think all of us are going to be able to handle it a lot better than the first time. I think we are all wiser,” Osborne said.

Even with safety precautions still in place some Columbus residents like Dawn Strong said she isn’t feeling confident about being in public places.

“If I’m in a crowded area I’m going to distance myself or I’m going to wear a mask or I’m just going to avoid the situation,” Strong said.

Strong said she works in healthcare so she is used to wearing a mask all day. She said she is doing what she can to curb the spread but doesn’t trust that others are doing the same.

“This is something when you have to think about others and not just yourself,” Strong said. “And so you should think about people around you and do what you think is right for the community.”

Health officials say the best thing you can do to stop the spread of the virus is wear a mask in crowded places and stay home and test yourself if you feel sick.