COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Combining art and ingenuity for a good cause, Columbus-based engineers, designers and college students are teaming up this weekend to fulfill the wishes of three children by building them life-changing 3-D prosthetics.

In 2017, Aaron Westbrook set out on a mission to empower those with limb differences by starting the non-profit organization Form5 Prosthetics.

“I was born without my hand and, in high school, 3-D printed my own prosthetic arm, so that’s kind of the origins of the organization’s story,” Westbrook said.

From there, the organization has grown to impact the lives of others with the Collaboration and Fabrication Workshop.

“Provide the tools, the resources, and often the confidence for those individuals to do some of those things that may have never thought that they could do,” Westbrook said.

Students from Ohio State and the Columbus College of Art and Design have joined these professional design engineers in creating 3-D prosthetics for three deserving kids.

“Jack and Owen and Ray have requested really custom devices,” Westbrook said.

“I’m on Team Jack, so he wants to be able to have a prosthetic for his bike and one for swinging, so we knew those were the base elements that he wanted,” said CCAD senior Aaron Jeschke.

After weeks of planning and collaborating, the designers are now ready to build the prosthetics over this weekend’s workshop.

“He likes cars, so we were just taking design elements from that and trying to incorporate that into these prosthetics that we create for him,” Jeschke said.

“Really life-changing and impactful, and I think the connections you make with the recipient and all the people this weekend is definitely the highlight,” said OSU student Chloe Bresch.

On Sunday, the students will get to give their 3-D creations to their deserving recipients.

“It’s so exciting because this is all design has really been about for me is making a difference, if it’s just in one person’s lives or several people’s lives, I just want to help people,” Jeschke said.