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Clintonville residents dealing with rat issues

COLUMBUS (WCMH) - Residents in Clintonville have been spotting rats in their neighborhoods. 

Columbus Public Health said it has seen an increase in rat activity in the area. 

"A lot of it involves the road construction and several projects going on in Clintonville, just kind of kicking up where the rats live and so they’re dispersing through the neighborhoods," said vector control manager Ryan Younge. 

He said if you see rats, the best thing you can do is get rid of food sources. Things like dog feces, bird/squirrel feed, compost bins and fallen fruits or vegetables. Make sure trash can lids are put on properly. 

Younge said rats will also look for shelter. 

“High grass, wood piles not being stored properly, just household items being thrown out into the street and alley way and not being picked up," he said. "We’ve seen them live in abandoned cars.”

Resident Melody Furno has seen rats on her front porch.

“It’s destructive to our yard and the landscape. They’re building tunnels in different places," she said. “To prevent, we’ve tried to move the bird feeders and put the bird seed in a container that they can’t get into.”

Vector control has been setting up bait in boxes and in rat burrows around the area. 

"If you see a rat it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a heavy infestation. It could be a light infestation, especially if it’s at nighttime," said Younge. "If you see them during the day it’s a pretty heavy infestation, but you can always contact 3-1-1 and we’ll come out and do an investigation and assess the area.”

He said they've gone to about 30 houses in Clintonville so far this year. 

“It’s nothing to be alarmed about or anything like that. I feel like we’ve got a good control of the situation," said Younge. 

If you see a rat, the vector control program will assess and bait the area for free. Call: 614-645-3111



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