COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The ouster of Thomas Quinlan as Chief of the Columbus Division of Police comes after Quinlan was under fire by members of the community for the division’s handling of several events in the last year.

Over the summer, demonstrators sued the city after allegations of police abuse during protests.

Sean Walton and his co-counselors represent 26 of those plaintiffs. They also represent the family of Casey Goodson Jr., who was shot and killed in December by a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy. The investigation into the shooting is being handled by CPD and started under Quinlan’s watch.

Walton says there have been problems with that investigation from the start.

“I was proud of the mayor for taking that step of bringing the city transformational change, because the time is now. ” said Walton. “It’s been long overdue and this was a very necessary move.”

Walton said he did not believe Quinlan was the correct hire at the time, but he doesn’t fault the mayor for issues that happened under Quinlan’s watch as interim and probationary chief.

“This is not about the mayor. This is about the Columbus Division of Police and the systemic issued with police in Columbus.

You can hear more from Walton’s interview in the video above.