COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Nationally known civil rights attorney Ben Crump is now involved in lawsuits against Ohio State University on behalf of victims of sexual abuse by former university doctor Richard Strauss.

Crump, and the local attorneys he is working with, are asking victims who believe they were abused by Strauss to come forward before Saturday, May 15, to join the case.

That is the two-year anniversary of the release of the Perkins Coie report, which details what Strauss did over a 20 year period and how many people at the university were aware that he was abusing students and did nothing to stop it.

Any claim filed after that two year anniversary will likely be outside the statute of limitations, and it will be simply too late.

The latest lawsuit was filed on behalf of a former student athlete, Patrick McHone, and a former OSU football player, Alonzo Shavers, both who claim they were subjected to invasive exams, fondling, and abuse by Strauss, and now know university leaders knew what he was doing, including coaches, athletic directors, and other physicians.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs said:

“At all times relevant to this Complaint, OSU officials with authority to institute corrective measures actively concealed, failed to disclose, and showed deliberate indifference towards circumstances that indicated Strauss was sexually assaulting and abusing many male OSU athletes he treated.”

The lawsuit comes as Ohio State tries to set up an individual settlement program, which some victims said is an effort to break apart the plaintiff groups.