COLUMBUS (WCMH) – The Linden community is fed up with speeders in their neighborhoods and now the city is stepping in to help.  

The Columbus Slow Streets program started after city officials heard their cries for help. Lele Griffin is too upset about the way driver speed down her street on Loretta Ave. 

“They know to stay right here in front of the house do not go by the street at all!! If I see y’all by the street, y’all coming in the house,” said Griffin. 

The mother of three means exactly what she says to her kids.  She said it’s a matter of life or death here on the oneway street. 

“People always speeding down the street like they ain’t got no sense and I got kids, I got a little 4-year-old on Republic too. They always speeding up and down the street,” said Griffin.  

She said the Linden area is a place that has a lot of kids and concerned parents -like her friend Britney McConnell- who constantly yell at drivers to slow down. 

“I was telling my friend’s daughter, she was about to put my baby in the car and I just told her let me do it cause a car just sped pass and I’m like I don’t want to fight nobody,” said McConnell. 

Franklin county Auditor Michael Stinziano has heard many of these concerns when he used to serve on city council. 

“Unfortunately, there’s been some accidents, some fatalities. People are getting hit. That gave us some great feedback as we went through the one Linden plan,” said Stinziano. 

He helped launch the Columbus Slow Streets program and served as committee chair.  The program allows Linden residents and the city to improve neighborhood traffic.  He said oneway streets are where they saw speeders the most.  

“There are different solutions. One is speed bumps. There’s other ways to do traffic calming. Making traffic go both ways when we do have one way streets,” said Stinziano. 

And he said this is a continued effort to fix this issue and residents still need to contact the city with their concerns.  McConnell is a mother of five and still isnt quite ready to let her kids play out front. 

“I think it’s a great idea. I think they need to hurry up,” said McConnell.