COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A house connected with at least two dozen calls for service and complaints, including drug overdoses, violence and shootings, has been shut down.

Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein announced Monday that the City of Columbus obtained an emergency court order to board up 5361 Mendon Court in the Walnut Bluff neighborhood on the Southeast Side.

The residence has been associated with at least three overdoses, felonious conduct, including forced prostitution, and many calls for police assistance within the last year. Klein’s office said that Columbus police have fielded 24 calls since January of 2022.

Among the complaints, police responded to reported drug overdoses in February, May and November of 2022, forced prostitution in April of 2022 and more recently domestic violence in December.

The Mendon Court property is the second home to get shut down. On Jan. 10, Klein’s office announced the city acted on an emergency order to board up a home on South Harris Avenue in the Hilltop.