CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – Circleville police arrested a man Friday whom they accused of shooting out more than 30 different windows throughout the town.

Exactly one month prior on Jan. 17, multiple reports of vehicle and home windows being shot out came in across town, according to the Circleville Police Department. A security camera caught video of a white 2015 Dodge Charger driving slowly down the roads, and the people inside it were using pellet and zip guns to shoot large marbles and BBs at windows.

After receiving tips from people in Circleville, detectives identified Dylan Metcalf, of Galloway, as a suspect. Circleville police said they later discovered that Metcalf and 20-year-old John Dewitt received a court summons on Feb. 5 for a similar case. Columbus police had accused them of shooting out windows at an apartment complex near Galloway. Details from that investigation — including that officers took slingshots and pellet guns out of the pair’s car — led Circleville’s detectives to connect them to the incidents in their town.

Circleville police went to Dewitt’s home and arrested him on charges including vandalism, tampering evidence and criminal damaging. They said as of Friday, they had an arrest warrant for Metcalf and were looking for him as well. Dewitt and Metcalf are facing more than 60 counts of the three charges from the numerous window shootings in Circleville.

The Circleville Police Department asked anyone with more information related to this case to call 740-477-3784, or send an email to its drug tip line.