CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) – A central Ohio autumn tradition – the Circleville Pumpkin Show – kicks off Wednesday in the downtown area.

Wednesday’s highlight of the show was the weigh-in of the biggest pumpkin in the patch.

Year after year, the good doctor has been the favorite.

Bob Liggett is a Circleville ophthalmologist and his big gourds are visions to behold.

The day before the weigh-in, there is a party at the Liggett farm.

Liggett has grown them big for a lot of years.

“I mean, grandpa’s called Dr. Pumpkin,” said Della Liggett, his granddaughter. “He is out here every day, sometimes working four-plus hours.”

The pumpkins are his babies.

“Six months, April 23, this one, and we’re looking at October 20,” Dr. Pumpkin said.

Jo Liggett names the “babies.”

Bob holds the record at just short of one ton, winning the competition last year with a pumpkin weighing in at a mere 1,755 pounds.

This year’s competition didn’t quite go the Liggetts way. Their entry came in at just over 1,300 pounds, while the winner tipped the scales at 1,880.

However, Dr. Pumpkin still holds the record, and legendary status, in the pumpkin patch called Circleville.