CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — Before he disappeared March 4, Larry Davis messaged the person closest to him, giving a name in case anything happened to him.

Davis was last seen alive four days later. His off-and-on girlfriend of nine years, Brittany Claytor, 32, said a security camera captured Davis going into a private garage, but nothing since. She co-filed a missing person’s report with Davis’ brother, Jeffrey, on March 7. The police radio report obtained by NBC4 said that Davis’ bike was found at a person’s home.

Davis was an addict, but a man with regular habits.

“I would hear from him every day, or his brother would hear from him, every day,” Claytor said. “Four days before he went missing, he messaged me and told me if something would have happened to him, that I can blame this person. Larry was on drugs, so he wasn’t home at the time. He was choosing to be homeless, and his dad just died. But he still was coming around every day. Either me or his brother saw him every day.”

Claytor also detailed the last time she heard from Davis.

“He messaged me on the fourth at 11 p.m., and on the fifth, we never heard back from him,” Claytor said. “So his brother went looking for him, because by then he would have done stopped over here.”

NBC4 sent an email to the Chillicothe Police Department attempting to confirm Claytor’s statement that Davis was last seen on a camera going into someone’s garage. That email went unanswered.

“Before we were together, he was my best friend,” Claytor said. “I love him. He was everything.”

Claytor said Davis had his life together before slipping back into drugs.

“I was begging him to go to rehab, but he wouldn’t go,” Claytor said. “His dad died. And that’s why I know that he told me … because he knew that I wouldn’t quit.”

Davis was last seen wearing a red and black flannel shirt, a black knit hat, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He has a tattoo across the front of his neck that reads: “100% wicked” and “Amanda” tattooed across the bottom of his abdomen, as well as several tribal tattoos, according to the missing person’s report.

Claytor told NBC4 that police initially searched for Davis. She believes the search efforts have since stopped.

“I want to find him,” Claytor said. “I know he’s not OK.”

Anyone with information about Davis’ disappearance should contact Chillicothe police at 740-773-1191.

Chillicothe man Larry Davis disappeared on March 4, 2022. (Photo: Brittany Claytor)