CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — Police have released a report that sheds some light into the disappearance of Larry Davis, who has been missing March.

The report, filed by Chillicothe Police Officer Joshua Wright, gives a timeline for Davis’ disappearance late on March 4. It echoes what Brittany Claytor, Davis’ on-and-off girlfriend of nine years, said in an earlier interview with NBC4.

The last contact police had with Davis was a report of a suspicious person about 4 p.m. March 4 near the city’s floodwall.

“[Davis] checked OK at this time,” Wright wrote in his report.

Davis’ way of getting around town was his bike, but he had hurt his foot and was using a crutch when he disappeared, the report revealed.

In Claytor’s statement to the police, she told the officer “she received a message from Larry on Feb. 28 stating, ‘If anything ever happens to me, it’s because of [redacted]’.”

Police interviewed that person as part of their investigation, and he was the last person known to speak with Davis before he disappeared.

He said Davis had left his bike and belongings with him after midnight on March 4 and early hours of March 5, “because he was ‘going to hit a lick.'” The man said he’d given Davis a battery pack charger for his phone, because his phone was dead.

The last message Claytor said she received was on March 4, at about 11 p.m. Davis was upset that McDonald’s was closed.

Wright also interviewed Davis’ mother, Jeanette, who said she’d been worried about her son harming himself. “Jeanette stated Larry loved to explore the river and she fears he may have jumped in, or be overdosed somewhere.”

According to the report, Wright pinged Davis’ phone, but it was shut off. Davis wasn’t in the hospital or a psychiatric unit, and police put him into the Ohio missing person’s database.

A redacted excerpt of the Chillicothe police report is below: