CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — Human remains were discovered Wednesday shoved inside a tote at a residence, and it’s possible they belong to Larry Davis, who has been missing since March.

Brittany Claytor, an on-and-off girlfriend of Davis, told NBC4 that police had searched the property where Davis was last seen. Claytor said she called from detectives on Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. and that officers searched the location from Tuesday evening through the early hours of Wednesday.

She said she’d been told that a family at the property was cleaning out the garage.

“They stumbled across his body in a tote and called it in,” Claytor said. “I was very shocked. it all feels like a dream.”

Claytor said the detective told her the tote wasn’t there when they went into the property for an initial search.

“I don’t understand how the tote wasn’t there the first time they went there and searched and now it is?” Claytor said. “Like, how did they miss it? Or when did it get there?”

The Ross County Coroner’s Office confirmed that remains were found at the address, but they have yet to be identified.

“I can confirm that human remains have been recovered, but we do not have a positive ID at this time,” a statement read.

The address, on North Poplar Street, is the last known location of Davis.

The last contact police had with Davis was a report of a suspicious person about 4 p.m. on March 4 near the city’s floodwall. The report also said that an officer had responded to North Poplar Street, where he met with a man who was the last person to see Davis.

The man told police that Davis had asked to leave his bicycle and possessions at the house before Davis left in a car. Davis’ phone died after that last contact.

Claytor said earlier that a security camera captured Davis going into a garage, but nothing since. She filed a missing person’s report with Davis’ brother, Jeffrey, on March 7.

Claytor believed Davis was in the garage — that he’d gone in and never left.