CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — Many in the Chillicothe community gathered to mourn and reminisce on the lives of ten-year-old Shane Lane Jr. and his aunt Heidi Proehl, who were killed in a structure fire Tuesday morning.

The two were sleeping in a loft above a detached garage at 85 Ewing Street when the fire started in the early morning of March 29. Both were later found dead.

“I’m glad to have people like Shane in my life, or even a lot of the kids standing around here today, most of them ride my bus,” Scott Bowling, a local school bus driver, said.

Bowling said Lane Jr. was more than just a good kid, but the kind of person everyone wanted to be around.

“He was … he was like the kindest boy ever,” Tyler Craft, a friend and classmate of Lane Jr.’s, said.

“You know, they’ve been in school together all their life,” Courtney Gee, Tyler Craft’s mother and friend of the family, said.

Gee and her son Tyler said they have known Lane Jr.’s family since the boys could walk.

Like so many others, they echoed how much compassion he had for others.

“He would always want to go up there and stay with her, because that was his aunt, and he loved his aunt,” Summer Haubeil, Proehl’s daughter-in-law, said.

Haubeil said Proehl and Lane Jr. were like two peas in a pod, and that Proehl radiated the same kindness as her nephew.

“She was always putting smiles on everyone’s face, no matter how sad you were, you could have the worst day and she could put a smile on your face,” Haubeil said.

“You know it touches my heart; it breaks my heart. But God has a plan, I don’t know what that plan is yet, but God has a plan,” said Shane Lane, Lane Jr.’s father.