COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Like the Rockefeller Christmas tree and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade the Rockettes are symbol of the holiday season.

Among those smiling faces and iconic kicks is Sarah Grooms, a central Ohio native who has been living her dream for 13 seasons. A dream that Sarah realized after seeing the Rockettes perform live as a young girl.  

“To see these women on stage I just remember my jaw being on the floor as an 11-year-old.”   

Sarah spent the next several years honing her craft at Pinnell Dance Centre, and it paid off after she joined the Rockettes right out of high school.   

“I think after attaining the job, the work never ends. Every single year this job continues to be the hardest thing I’ve ever committed to. But I think that is what makes it so special.”  

There are nine numbers in the current show, including a seven-minute tap number and one of the most storied numbers, the Parade of the Wooden Soldier, which has been in the show since 1933.  

“So, every single woman, all 3,000 women who have ever been a Rockette are carrying on the tradition in that legacy. So that holds a lot of weight,” said Sarah, who credits the training she had as a young girl with her continued success as a professional dancer.  “To see the hard work and determination pay off year after year, because we do have to re-audition each year, it’s just so special to be back.”   

This year Sarah is joined onstage by seven other Ohioans: Hailee Snyder, Sarah Staker Wenstrom, Danielle Betscher, Jordan Betscher, Nadia Kolda, McKenzie McGrath and Maya Addie.