REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (WCMH) – College football enthusiasts of all ages look forward to a matchup between the Ohio State University and the University of Michigan this weekend. Younger Buckeyes fans may have the highest expectations since they’ve only known victory during rivalry week in their lifetimes.

The team’s winning streak extends to 2012, which is right around the time many 4th grade students at Rosehill and Taylor Road Elementary Schools were born.

“Of course I don’t remember it,” said Nathan, a 4th-grade student at Taylor Road.

Abbey, a 4th grader at Taylor Road added, “They have not lost to Michigan in 10 years, so I think they’re going to win.”

“I think if we can put up the same fight we did against Michigan State, we can blow them out,” said Zack from Taylor Road.

Rosehill Elementary has been collecting donations for a local food pantry during rivalry week. The students put their non-perishable items in an Ohio State or Michigan box to correspond with which team they think will win Saturday’s game.

“A bunch of people at our school [are] Ohio State fans. We don’t have a lot of Michigan fans,” said Micah, a 4th-grade student while pointing to two overflowing red boxes and one blue box with fewer than a dozen items.

Those who dressed in blue and maize for rivalry week could expect grief from Buckeyes fans.

Brendan, a 3rd grader at Taylor Road, wore his Michigan t-shirt to class Tuesday.

“They say, ‘Go Buckeyes’ [when they see my shirt],” said Brendan, explaining his father attended the University of Michigan. “I say, Go Blue!”

Paige Hanf, a 4th-grade teacher at Rosehill, is also a Michigan fan.

“I tell the kids that we’re teaching tolerance this week,” she laughed.

Both fan groups have been good sports during the rivalry week, and Buckeye fans said they’re confident.

“Michigan’s been looking pretty good, but I still think Ohio State will win,” said Reagan, a 4th grader at Rosehill.