COLUMBUS (WCMH) — What happens when you put 100 innovative young minds in the same room? A lot of unique inventions. Called the Invention Convention, it was held on the campus of Columbus College of Arts and Design.

NBC4 spent the afternoon talking with some of the gifted students.

Many great inventions have been born here in Ohio like the airplane, lightbulb and chewing gum, just to mention a few. Most of those ideas were probably panned in their initial phase. The Invention Convention is not trying to discover the next great inventor, just to allow students to recognize a problem around the home, research it and come up with a unique solution.

Inventors range in age from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Gabriel attends Columbus’ Spanish Immersion Academy and came up with a robot called Litterbot for disposing of household litter. A reporter was not needed, he asked and answered his own questions.

“How does it solve the problem you ask? That is a very good question. Its eyes are scanners, when it identifies an object its right arm is a vacuum, and it sucks the trash up, puts it inside its body organizing it then its left arm throws it out.” He said.

In the next room, June was explaining her invention called the Bow Tube. “I’m a cellist and my cello bow is always falling off my lap or my stand and it is breaking.” Her device is connected to the bottom of her music stand where the bow can be safely stored.

“There is a scale right here, when it gets to 0.2 pounds it is time to clean out the litter box, so it turns on the lights,” said Eve. She attends Columbus Gifted Academy.  Her prototype cat Waste Watcher weighs cat litter and alerts the owner with a light when the litter box scale hit a certain mark. She said there is an APP and accessories in the works.

“You would just plug it into your outlet right here and you would suction it onto the wall,” said Adalee. Her invention is called the Outlet Buddy. She attends Indian Springs Elementary in Clintonville where there are many older homes. “Many of the homes have electric outlets that are old and the phone charger will fall out after being plugged in.

Back at Gabriel’s display he warned me that caution was needed around his Litterbot.

“Make sure the bot does not vacuum the cat or your baby sister,” he said.

This was the district competition and the top scoring inventors will move on to the state finals to be held on July 29 at the Ohio State Fair Grounds.