HILLIARD (WCMH) — A family is warning parents and other pet owners after their cat was found with an arrow in its neck.

They believe their pet was shot intentionally in their Hilliard neighborhood and they want to make sure no one else gets hurt.

Little Smudge is left with stitches in his neck and shoulder after an arrow was found lodged through his body.

“To see your cat, who you love, with an arrow this big from inside him, outside the other, it’s frightening,” pet owner Judy Ross said.

Judy Ross said their pet got loose and came back home with an arrow through its neck, which she said traumatized her children.

“I didn’t know who shot the arrow, I was very upset about it,” her son Johnny said.

The two-year-old cat was rushed to the vet.

“They sedated him overnight and did the surgery in the morning to remove the arrow,” Judy Ross said.

Judy Ross believes this was done intentionally.

“It looked like it by the way it was placed,” she said. “It was like someone was targeting him. It was a pretty good shot.”

Police were called to the home and are now keeping an eye on the area. However, they don’t know who did this.

“They should be held accountable, they should go to court for it and get animal abuse charges,” said neighbor Theo Slyman.

The family said they think kids were involved and want others to be aware.

“Arrows are hard to control and you could have hit a kid in the neighborhood just as easily as hitting our cat,” Judy Ross said.

Fortunately, Smudge is expected to make a full recovery.

“You can kill a deer with a bow and arrow, so it’s pretty miraculous he made it, I think,” Slyman said.

Hilliard police said they have been checking the area to see if there have been any similar incidents, but so far, none have been reported.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the police.