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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A new resource launched online could help students in Ohio find a career or choose a path that suits them after high school.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted unveiled a resource hub called “Find Your Career Pathway” that provides students, teachers and families information they need to navigate different career pathways. The resource is a video that can help students in their journey to finding a career path that is right for them.

“We created a pathways video to show how pre-apprenticeships work, in-demand credentials, career centers and even college credit plus where you can both take the career path and the college path at the same time,” Husted said.

In the video, it includes testimonies from students around the state and their experiences with each career pathway they chose. The pathways include Career Technical Education, Pre-Apprenticeships, College Credit Plus and Industry-Recognized Credentials.

Not only is the goal of the resource to help students, but Husted said they are free pathways to careers and college credits.

“This is just allowing students to find their passion,” said Husted. “You can’t know sitting on the sidelines, you have to get involved and begin to experience these things.”

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