The Zipcar car-sharing service has now been in Columbus for more than six months. Monday the company unveiled a new decision to make the service even more convenient to use.

The company says it has teamed up with Honda to add additional cars here in the city and that this will help with carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

With 30 vehicles, Zipcar has nearly doubled in size in Columbus. That size helps more members use the cars.

“Zipcar’s model for car sharing is called roundtrip, which means you pick up a car at one spot you take it out for an hour or a couple hours at a time, you bring it back to that same spot. We built the model because what we saw is people were looking for a true alternative to car ownership,” said Sabrina Sussman, Zipcar’s Manager Public Partnerships.

A senior at The Ohio State University, Troy Fritzhand, says he’s a big fan of the service and uses it weekly. 

“I’m from New York so I have a car back home but it makes more sense for me not to have a car here because I’m constantly on the run constantly having meetings,” said Fritzhand.

Fritzhand says the $8.50 per hour or the $69 a day charge once you are a member price is worth the cost, especially in a city. 

“I looked into getting a car out here and between monthly rental payments, the building I live in on campus has 125 a month parking fee that I have to pay, gas, insurance depreciation on the car there’s just so many factors,” Troy Fritzhand.

Columbus City Council Member, Emmanuel Remy explains “We’re continuing to grow parking is going to be more of a concern so we just need to be able to provide residents with the opportunity to do something a little bit different then everybody owning a car to get around.”

But remember when there was another car sharing service here in Columbus? So how is this ride is different? 

“They are able to better maintain inventory and to make sure that the ridership is continually high,” Remy.

All 30 Zipcars are available to drive today.