Right now it is just an empty field, but soon Canine Companions will erect a building here in New Albany that’ll help serve people with disabilities in 14 states.

Brandon Scott is one of those people receiving help from this organization.

“It’s allowed me to live a life amongst my peers that I never thought was imaginable prior to receiving a service dog from Canine Companions,” said Scott.

Scott of Indianapolis was born with a rare physical disability. He is missing most of all of his four limbs and has to use a wheelchair to get around.

Even with a wheelchair life was still difficult until Canine Companions for Independence matched Scott with his first companion dog nearly 20 years ago.

Canine Companion for Independence is a national non-profit that trains service dogs to help children, adults, and veterans with disabilities free of charge.

Scott’s companion, Carie, helps him with tasks most able body people never think of like picking up things he drops and retrieving items he can’t reach which helps more than just him.

“It hasn’t just helped me, but it’s also helped my family and my wife in the fact that they have a piece of mind know that when I go out in public on my own that I’m well taken care of,” said Scott.

That’s why he believes the new Canine Companion facility in New Albany is a dream come true for everyone this organization helps.

So does the CEO Paige Mazzoni.

“The new campus will allow us to serve more people with disabilities and have more dogs trained and more dogs matched with our wonderful clients, but it also allows us to do that in a better way,” Mazzoni said.

The new campus will have dorm rooms for people like Scott to say at while he trains with his dog.
Before Scott would have to pay for a hotel room for two weeks.

With this state of the art facility, he will be spending more time with the companion training and living all day.

He said this organization has changed his life.

“It’s been an amazing journey.”