COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Columbus Police said a resident followed the vehicle of suspects in a southeast Columbus drive-by shooting, resulting in the suspects being arrested.

One victim, a 17-year-old who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was taken to Grant Medical Center in critical condition, police said.

According to Columbus Police Watch Commander Lt. Larry Yates, the resident called police to alert them to the shooting, which happened in the area of Village Glen Drive and Celtic Sea Lane at approximately 4:36 p.m.

The resident followed the suspects’ vehicle and police joined in on the pursuit.

Yates said there was a prolonged pursuit and that some vehicles, including some police cruisers, were struck, but the damage was minor and there were no injuries. He added that during the pursuit, the suspect allegedly threw two or three guns out of the car, which officers were able to recover.

Three suspects, all of whom are juveniles, exited the car after police were able to stop the vehicle in the area of Melrose Avenue and Wedge Street, but were captured quickly, Yates said.

Yates said the vehicle the suspects were driving was reported stolen.

Police would not have been able to catch the suspects had it not been for the resident’s help, Yates said.

“The citizen that followed the car had apparently seen the shooting, followed him,” Yates said. “If it hadn’t been for that person, we wouldn’t have caught up to this vehicle at all. That did help us out tremendously.”