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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – For 30 years, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants establishments have been a staple in the Columbus community.

From the very first restaurant, CMR has become known for their food, ambience, and customer-focused approach to service. Mitchell is famous for the mantra of “Yes is the answer. What is the question?” and stresses that to his associates, something he credits with the company’s success. As CMR celebrates 30 years in business, there is another milestone being celebrated.

“This is our hundredth restaurant that we’re opening since we started in 1993. Our first restaurant was Cameron’s of Worthington, and I am pretty much as excited about this one as I was the first one.” said Mitchell.

No expense was spared on the fine dining Italian restaurant, aptly name “Cento”, which means 100 in Italian.

“We had dozens of people in the company working on this project. From our construction team to our design team to our operating team. And it is our best foot forward. We are all very, very excited about it,” said Mitchell. “Thirty years ago, when we started, I was doing all that myself. Today, I’m just another member of the development team.”

With 6,000 associates company-wide, Mitchell considers himself blessed to be surrounded by such a dedicated team.

“One of my favorite sayings in the company is ‘We’ll get there together’ and that’s really how we operate,” said Mitchell.

As a recently named “Top 5 Independent Restaurant Company” by Nations Restaurant News, it’s a reality that not even Mitchell himself could have imagined in the beginning.

“I can’t do a back flip today. I’m sure I couldn’t back then but if someone told me that’s what happened back then, I would do a back flip,” said Mitchell.

And there are no plans to slowdown anytime soon.

“People ask me all the time when is enough, enough. I say well, it’s not about me. We have young people starting careers with our company right now. We have people who have been building their careers with our company. We want to build them further. So, if we stop growing, I think that’s where we start dying,” said Mitchell.

“We built 100 restaurants in the first 30 years of the business from a standing start. What would happen in the next 30 years from starting at 100? We might build 200 over the next 30 years.”

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