COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Some forms of internet connectivity issues persisted into Wednesday as an Ohio provider, Breezeline, gave some insight into the previous day’s outage.

The internet service provider, which also offers email accounts for its customers, took to Twitter around noon to notify them of problems with the latter specifically.

“We are aware of issues affecting email services for Ohio customers,” a Breezeline spokesperson wrote. “We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to restore service as soon as possible.”

Multiple responders to this tweet within an hour, however, said they were still under a full internet outage.

“Down again, nearly the same exact time as yesterday,” a user going by Laura Natalie wrote.

Two users also identified themselves as remote workers, saying the second-day outage was either impacting their job, or forcing them to take unpaid leave.

“I’m going to have to switch,” a user called Mascmanohio wrote. “2 days WITHOUT PAY for 2 at home workers. [sic]”

However, Breezeline did share a reason behind the first day’s internet outage. Company spokesman Andrew Walton told NBC4 that a third party’s system failed, so an external issue was the culprit.

“There are network partners that internet service providers utilize for the transport of internet traffic,” Walton said. “That’s where the outage occurred yesterday. It affected other internet service providers as well.”

Breezeline said it had restored internet for the majority of its customers about an hour after the outage was reported, and had everyone back up and running by 3 p.m. However, with some Twitter users telling the company they still had no connection the next day, Walton offered a possible fix that involves unplugging home equipment.

“The outage was resolved yesterday, but depending on the type of equipment the customer has, it could be their own modem,” Walton said. “Wait about a minute and plug it back in, and that will often resolve the issue.”

When one person replied to say their internet was still down, Breezeline’s Twitter moderator also said they could reach out to the company’s support team for help. Breezeline’s website also includes additional guides on how to troubleshoot home internet issues.

The Tuesday outage affected nearly 4,000 Breezeline customers, according to Downdetector. To check Breezeline’s own maintained outage alerts, click here.