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Bond set at $75k for registered sex offender accused of groping child at Comfest

The man accused of groping a young child during Comfest appeared in court Monday.

Police believe 36-year-old Todd Gavorcik sexually touched an 11-year-old and then ran from the parents and an officer in the playground area of Goodale Park as Comfest was ending. 

Gavorcik was eventually caught by 21-year-old Dakota Shepard who just happened to be standing nearby 

"She started screaming somebody get him," said Shepard. 

After hearing a woman scream, Shepard said he jumped into action not even knowing exactly what happened. Shepard said he chased Gavorcik and tackled him. 

"I thought he stole her purse," said Shepard. "As soon as I got ahead of him, I just turned around and planted my feet and clothesline him at the waist."

Gavorcik was in court Monday facing the charge of gross sexual imposition after being accused of groping an 11-year-old boy as the boy walked with his family near the playground at Goodale Park. 

It's something Shepard said he didn't know until after the man was arrested. 

"She told me what he did, and I was like wait what?" said Shepard

He said he couldn't believe what had happened. 

Shepard has a child of his own and couldn't imagine being in those parents' shoes. 

"If that would have happened to my kid I... I would have freaked out," said Shepard. 

He got the chance to meet the 11-year-old after Gavorcik was arrested. He said he told the boy to try and keep his head up. 

"I was just glad I could help, and I just hope that the kid feels better now that the guy is behind bars," said Shepard.

Shepard said he doesn't feel like a hero for his actions. 

Gavorcik is being held on a $75,000 bond. 



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