MANSFIELD, Ohio (WCMH) — The body of a 33-year-old woman from Shelby was found in the trunk of a car near Columbus on Sunday after a 18-day search.

Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon said Monday that the body of Melinda Davis was found in the trunk of her own car on the 5600 block of Zachary Court in Galloway. After she was identified, her body was sent for an autopsy.

“We’re hoping this brings closure a little bit to the friends and family,” Sheldon said. “Please keep them in your prayers.”

Davis was reported missing Feb. 27. Within days, the Richland County Sheriff’s and the U.S. Marshal’s offices had arrested John Henry Mack Jr., 43, Davis’ former boyfriend, on a charge of kidnapping. But neither Davis nor her vehicle could be found.

On Sunday, Columbus police located a car matching the description of Davis’ in Galloway, and they alerted Sheldon’s office. Her body was discovered in the trunk.

Neighbors on the 5600 block of Zackary Court said police were in the neighborhood for several hours Sunday night.

“It’s scary because we didn’t expect something like that to happen here,” said resident Sharon Orozco.

Orozco and her sister Valeria Campbell live across the street from where Davis’ car was found.

“It is really scary to hear somebody to come to your house and tell you, ‘There’s a woman who’s missing, we found her car right around your house,’ you know, and we were like, ‘We didn’t know.’ It was really scary to hear that,” Campbell said.

Davis had four kids. According to investigators, she was going to see her ex-boyfriend Mack in Mansfield. The Richland County prosecutor said blood found at his home led to a kidnapping charge.

“There’s still a lot of investigation that goes on in this,” Sheldon said. “The car was just found last night. The autopsy is just being done this morning at the Montgomery County coroner’s office. We have a lot of questions, too.”

The Richland County prosecutor said two other people are being charged with obstruction of justice.

Additional charges for Mack are pending.