COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Video released by the Columbus Department of Public Safety Wednesday shows the shooting of a man by a police officer Tuesday morning, but it paints less than a whole picture with missing audio.

Officer Adam Coy shot and killed 47-year-old Andre’ Maurice Hill while responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle on the 1000 block of Oberlin Drive Tuesday. A caller reported seeing a vehicle parked on the street outside his home that was being turned on and off.

Body camera video shows officers approach an open garage with flashlights. Hill was in the open garage, and approached officers with a phone held up in one hand, and his other arm at his side. Officer Coy’s gun was drawn, and Hill was on the ground.

According to the video, from the time Hill was illuminated by a flashlight in the garage until he was shot was less than 9 seconds. Since there was no audio during the first 60 seconds of the video, there is no way to know what was said during that time.

The audio picks up about 10 seconds after the shooting. Officer Coy yells at Hill to put his hands off to his side. He repeatedly demands that Hill rolls over. Coy warns another officer not to get close because he can’t see Hill’s hands.

“Don’t move, dude,” yells Officer Coy, as he approaches Hill. Coy yelled an expletive as he rolled Hill over. He shined a flashlight in the area of Hill’s body. No weapon was found.

After about two minutes of standing near the body, Officer Coy walks down the driveway and audio indicates that Coy begins either vomiting or dry-heaving.

Seven minutes and 30 seconds into the video, another officer approaches Coy, identifying himself as officer support. He accompanies Coy to his cruiser as Coy gets a drink of water. The other officer then tried to get Coy to come down the street with him.

In the video, Coy is heard to say “Trying to figure out what I missed.”

“We’ll take care of that, I promise you,” said the other officer. “We don’t gotta say anything about this right this second.

The other officer then led Coy away from the shooting scene. Coy asked a sergeant for permission to turn off his body camera before being taken to a substation.

The shooting remains under investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The city is planning a news conference at 4 p.m.

NBC4 is making the entire clip available, because we believe it is important for people to see the entire context of the incident. While we understand that the video is disturbing, we believe that it is important for as much information as possible about what happened to be available so that an informed decision about what to think about it can be made. We have taken steps to make sure that nobody accidentally sees it, without intending to do so. It will not be posted directly by us to social media platforms.

The full, unredacted video is posted below. Be warned, the video contains graphic violence and harsh language.

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