COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — As NBC4 Meteorologist Bob Nunnally fights cancer at home, his co-worker Matthew Herchik is recognizing the forecaster’s health battle and recovery in a very public way.

In June, Herchik announced that he will be riding in Pelotonia — a fundraiser that raises money for cancer research — to recognize Bob.

“Everyone rides for someone, and I’ll be riding for our very own Bob Nunnally, who was diagnosed with cancer in January,” Herchick wrote in a social media post. “Together, with your help, maybe we can do our small part to help find a cure in Bob’s honor!”

Herchik is also documenting his Pelotonia journey in a series of stories called “Biking for Bob” airing until the event on Saturday, Aug. 6 when Herchick will ride 102 miles to raise funds.

The pair sat down together to talk about what this event means for Bob and the other patients in our community.

“I didn’t think of it as the kind of thing somebody would do in my name,” said Bob, reflecting on when he was first approached with the idea. “But at the same time, I was very touched, and I think I told you at the time, I’m honored.”

When Herchik asked Bob if he ever thought he would be a part of a Pelotonia story, Bob acknowledged he was surprised.

“I didn’t think that at all,” said Bob. “Not at all. And I know that you’re saying I’m old (laughs), but it’s true. But the thing about it is, when Pelotonia, even when they first started, it seemed to me like it was something special. It was something that was a good thing, an accessible thing. Everybody can relate to it, and it was also going to be doing a lot of good at the same time.”

Bob also talked about his previous experiences with cancer.

“Yeah, and you know, this is not my first time,” said Bob. “This is actually like my third time being touched by cancer. And the fact that you wanted to dedicate a ride to me, and I hope that you get well beyond the goal and I hope that money really helps in fighting cancer.”

Herchik then revealed to Bob that Herchik’s fundraising goal of $2,000, has already been surpassed.

“See, that’s just — I’m bowled over by that,” said Bob. “This is something that I can smile about, that there are people out there who are willing to give. And I like to think that in some small I’m helping that.”

In a message to the community, Bob said, “Well, I just want to thank you. And not just for me, I mean thank you for everyone who is going through cancer right now. My thank you is a very small thing, in my heart, it’s a very big thing. Within my lifetime, I’d like to see it eradicated. And your donations will help make that possible.”

Recently, Bob received a visit from his “NBC4 Today” coworkers Monica Day and Matt Barnes. During the trio’s chat, Bob talked about how he has been doing since his diagnosis in January 2022 and his favorite Red, White & BOOM! memories.

Previously in May, Bob stopped by NBC4 to visit coworkers for the first time after months of battling cancer. Wearing an NBC4 hat, Bob smiled and was in good spirits as anchors Brad Johansen and Barnes unfurled a banner that read, “WE [heart] U BOB!” The banner also included messages of love and encouragement from fans at the COSI Science Festival.

In April, Bob indicated he is doing well, resting and spending time reading the dozens of cards and letters he has received from viewers around central Ohio. Bob noted that he reads each one of the well-wishes sent to him, which have helped boost his spirits.

Bob publicly announced his cancer diagnosis on Jan. 25, 2022, in a conversation with Barnes and Day. He revealed he would be taking time away from giving the forecast on weekday mornings as he underwent treatment.

A beloved part of the NBC4 family, Bob has been with the station for almost 25 years.

You can visit NBC4’s Facebook page to leave a message of encouragement for him there.

If you or a loved one is affected by cancer, you find help at the Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio.