BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH) — The holiday season brings out a lot of creativity in people. The result can be a huge display that is intricate enough to be synced with music, or a story being told via FM frequency for viewers to listen while they drive by.

Four seasons ago, Tim Pitts of Bexley, 43, chose to get out from behind his insurance job’s desk and get into the garage and put his best effort forward. He chose his theme to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The display was complete with Uncle Eddie standing in the front yard in his bathrobe, a cigar, and a beer can.

“Uncle Eddie” from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is depicted in a light display by the Pitts Family in 2018. (Photo courtesy Tim Pitts)

“My wife wasn’t a big fan of that level of tackiness,” said Pitts. “She was used to little white lights, an old-fashioned vintage snowman.”

Pitts was on his own when it came to decorating the outside of the house for Christmas.

“When she saw the reaction and she saw the excitement, year two she was on board,” Pitts said.

BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH)–Tim Pitts, 43, chose the theme of the movie Elf as his seasonal light display. (Photo by Tony Mirones)

The neighborhood enjoyed his “tacky” display at 270 South Dawson Avenue. Since then, the Pitts have displayed themes from more movies: A Christmas Story, Home Alone, and this year Elf.

Pitts is considering a controversial Christmas movie topic for next year.

“We’ve toyed around with the idea of Die Hard,” he said. “For the record, I do not think is a holiday movie.”

He knows the topic is a major debate among friends. What he has found that is undebatable is what the projects have done for his family. He, his wife, and five children all get involved with planning, cutting, painting, and assembling the project.

They have enjoyed the community reaction.

“People stop and watch and they’ll pick little things out of it that they remember or were special to them,” he said.