BEXLEY, Ohio (WCMH) — Election day is four weeks away and there is new concern for people who work at the polls. Poll worker harassment is a growing problem, and several local communities are taking steps to stop it.

Upper Arlington was the first city to pass a poll worker protection law, and on Monday night, the Columbus City Council did the same.

On Tuesday, Bexley’s City Council plans to talk about a similar ordinance. Councilmember Sam Marcellino said it is to ensure harassment won’t interfere with this year’s election.

“We are sending that message that we are not going to allow people to interfere with our elections in Bexley, Ohio,” Marcellino said.

This law targets people harassing election workers both at precinct locations or their homes. If passed, anyone who violates the law could face up to three days in jail. It is the same punishment in the Upper Arlington and Columbus laws.

“There are many examples. It could be threats; it could be a lot of people surrounding poll workers and trying to intimidate them in general,” Marcellino said.

Marcellino said this law stemmed from instances of poll worker harassment in Ohio and out of state in the last few years. He also said the council read a study that said poll worker interest was down compared to previous years.

Ohio’s Secretary of State Frank LaRose said he has not heard of any threats made towards the more than 50,000 poll workers in Ohio.

“We have made it very clear we will not tolerate any kind of disruptions at polling locations, disrupting the processes or harassing poll workers. And thankfully we haven’t seen that in Ohio, but we are on alert for it,” LaRose said.

LaRose said that the state is providing poll workers with extra training for these types of situations.

“De-escalation training, people get amped up about politics maybe a little bit too much so sometimes,” LaRose said. “Sometimes just a little bit of training on how to keep the temperature down just calms people down a bit.”

Bexley’s City Council will have its second reading on the poll worker protection ordinance at Tuesday’s council meeting. It will then be put to a vote in two weeks at the board’s Oct. 25 council meeting.