This article discusses sexual violence. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, there are resources available.

ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio University police are investigating two separate reports of attacks on campus that happened just days apart, and some students say alerts of these crimes have them feeling disturbed and on edge.

Freshman Brooke Phillips said Friday she usually thinks of Athens as a safe place — but after receiving two alerts for two violent crimes on campus in just two weeks, she’s starting to question that safety.

“I don’t like that feeling, I don’t like having that feeling, it sucks, I hate it,” Phillips said.

Phillips used the word “rattled” to describe her reaction to the recent violent attacks and emails from the university.

OUPD said both situations were reported anonymously, so officers have not spoken to anyone directly involved or identified any suspects. The university police said the first attack — a strangulation — happened in front of Tiffin Hall on Jan. 21.

“It doesn’t say right in the email once you get it, so once you scroll down and you see it was right outside Tiffin Hall — I don’t know, I was baffled,” Phillips said

Ella Chandler, a freshman who also lives in the residence hall, said students were given very vague information.

“The one that happened right out here, a student just left a note under an RA’s door and that was basically all they told us,” Chandler said.

The alert from OUPD said a woman was “attacked” outside the residence hall. Chandler said her resident assistants have stepped up to talk about the situation for anyone who needs it.

Then just days later, OUPD said the department received an anonymous report from the local hospital about a rape incident on Jan. 28. A woman said she met a college-aged man uptown who he followed her home to her dorm and raped her.

OUPD said this is the fifth rape report it has taken so far this academic year — the same number of reports it had at this time last academic year.

But students, like Phillips, are exercising extra caution.

“I’m always walking with a buddy, I’m always texting my roommate, like ‘Hey I just got home from class,” Phillips said.

OUPD said following these incidents, the department is putting an additional focus on foot patrol around campus. Anyone with information about either of these incidents is asked to contact OUPD, even if it is anonymously.