ATHENS, Ohio (WCMH) — People in Athens County are still cleaning up damage after an EF1 tornado rolled through Saturday night, knocking down dozens of trees and blocking roads.

People who live on Angel Ridge Road in Athens County have been cleaning up damage from Saturday’s storm for the last 48 hours.

Mark Berryman describes watching this tornado roll directly toward his house as shocking

“It was like these explosions sounds, like a loud explosion, sounds like, ‘Boom,'” Berryman said.

He said he was outside when he saw a big misting funnel cloud. He said he immediately ran inside to find shelter.

“Came right up through this field; that tree is a beautiful tree,” Berryman said. “There are all these beautiful trees that are just down. And then it zipped across the middle, right angle turn here, and then it made another right angle going up through here, what I call ‘tornado alley,’” Berryman said.

Berryman said this all happened in less than 90 seconds, with the tornado whipping past his home and then toward his neighbor Cita Strauss’ home.

Strauss said it happened so fast that she didn’t have time to be scared. She grabber her dogs and hid in the basement, but didn’t make it all the way down the stairs before the storm passed.

“There wasn’t, as I say, a huge build-up,” Strauss said. “It came during sunlight, and then it was dark.”

She said when the sunlight returned, she went outside to check the damage. Her house was safe, but her more than 100-year-old tree was not.

“I saw it down, and I was heartbroken,” Strauss said. “It has daffodils underneath him, I’ve buried my animals who died underneath this tree. I’ve had grandchildren play underneath the tree.”

Piles of trees are left in both their yards.

The neighbors say the cleanup started almost immediately.

“All the neighbors came out, and we had trucks in, chainsaws and brakes, and immediately started working so that none of us really had time to worry too much,” Strauss said.

According to the National Weather Service, wind speeds on Saturday got up to 100 mph.

“My luck is larger than my sadness, but not larger than my shocks still,” Strauss said.

The National Weather Service said the tornado touched down for just over two miles. People who live in the area say they are thankful that there were no injuries.