NELSONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — A grand jury indicted a former Nelsonville recreation director accused of stealing money intended for youth baseball and softball leagues. 

David “Rudy” Schultz faces two felony theft charges for money that Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said Schultz mishandled during and after his time working with city recreational programming, including an organization called Batting 4 Kids. 

Schultz is accused of improperly taking close to $6,000 total.

Some of that came from registration fees, wrongly withdrawn money, and concession sales during the summer of 2022, according to the indictment.

Schultz was under a seasonal contract, which ended in August. After the contract ended, Schultz is believed to have stolen at least $2,500 more from Batting 4 Kids fundraisers, Blackburn said. 

“The constant vulnerability of funds designed to better our children’s experience is disappointing,” Blackburn said in a news release Monday. “I urge organizations and local governments to set up safeguards and checks and balances to reduce this in the future.”

In February, Nelsonville City Auditor Taylor Sappington alerted Blackburn to an improper Batting 4 Kids donation from the fall, which kicked the investigation into gear.

Schultz is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in the Athens County Court of Common Pleas.