UPDATE: Police identified the body found in Westerville as Emily Noble, based on analysis of dental records.

WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — Police in Westerville, along with family, friends and volunteers have spent nearly four months searching for Emily Noble.

Police say Emily Noble was last seen on May 24, a day after celebrating her 52nd birthday. Neighbors reported seeing her outside her home on County Line Road and State Street that evening.

Her husband told police she was gone when he woke up on May 25.

Now, police are trying to determine whether a body found along County Line Road in Westerville Wednesday is Noble.

According to a 911 call recording released by Westerville Police, the body was found by a group of people who were searching for Emily Noble.

Police did not speculate on the identity of the body found and would not confirm the sex or any other identifying characteristics.

“I know there’s a lot of rumors out there speculating about who the body is. We do not know,” said Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler. “We’re going to treat this like any other suspicious death or body that we would find.”

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called to assist with the investigation.

The area where the body was found has been searched multiple times over the last four months. Searches of nearby bodies of water have been unsuccessful.

“There have been drones, cadaver dogs, bloodhounds, every asset that there is out there in that missing person case has been used. There have been outside volunteer groups brought in,” said Chandler. “I’m very confident and very satisfied with all the assets that we have used in the investigation as far as Emily Noble is concerned. We don’t know this is her, so I’m not going to speculate that it is.”

A search party was organized by family and friends Sunday.

There’s been a real nice, big outpouring of support and strength,” said organizer Krista Williams.

Williams is a longtime friend of Noble.

“She left her keys and her wallet and her cell phone behind. She has a good job here in Westerville. She wouldn’t miss her job. That’s not like her,” explained Williams.

Noble’s friends said she is a nature lover, known to frequent central Ohio parks and go for daily walks. Noble has curly brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on Noble’s whereabouts is asked to contact the WPD Investigations section (614) 901-6881 or WPD Tipline (614) 901-6866 or via email at tipline@westerville.org.

Calls and information are anonymous. Information may also be provided on the non-emergency line at (614) 882-7444.