With more rain expected Thursday afternoon, the Ohio Department of Transportation is monitoring road conditions in central and southern Ohio for potential flooding.

In the Columbus area, the area most likely to flood along the Scioto River would be the Interstate 270 and U.S. 23 interchange on the south side, according to Matt Bruning, press secretary for ODOT.

“It may not flood, but we’ll keep our eye on it for sure,” Bruning said.

As fog covered the Columbus area Thursday morning, it was difficult in some areas to tell that the Scioto River was rising.

“As I was driving down here, it was just remarkable that I’m looking over 50 feet and I can’t even see the river,” said Robin Poses, who drove from Westerville to teach a class in Upper Arlington.

With a closer look at the river, though, high water levels were obvious and rushing water could be seen near the dam by Griggs Reservoir, caused in part by rainwater and runoff from melting ice and snow.
The roads, though, remained clear.

“I actually expected it to be completely flooded because it often is and you can’t even drive through,” Poses said. “But it wasn’t and I was able to get through, kind of come around the water.”

The high water levels and fog didn’t deter people who walked the trails and took photos near the river. But one man out walking said he was concerned by the high water levels and the major temperature swings that contributed to the issue.

“If you look at the waterfall today, I mean, it’s overflowing and almost overcoming the raised path, so that’s something that is kind of concerning just for our parks,” Andrew Pearson said.

The flooding hadn’t reached the roads just yet as of Thursday morning, but ODOT said there could be issues over the next couple of days.

“The good news is the water has been going down a little bit since yesterday, but we’ve got another batch of rain moving in, so we anticipate that’s going to reverse here this afternoon,” Bruning said.

ODOT urged drivers to be cautious and aware of their surroundings in case high water does cause flooding on central Ohio roads. 

If you see high water on the road, you are urged to turn around or go another way instead of driving through it.